2nd International Conference on Situating Strategy Use.

International Conference “From Chios to Moldavia. The beginning of a dynasty: Alexandros Mavrokordatos (1641-1709) and Nicholas, Prince of Moldavia (1680-1730).

International Conference “Investigating the Translation Process in Humanistic Latin Translations of Greek Texts”

– International Congress “Cross-sections and discussions of the work of Stylianos Alexiou. Trends in Greek Philology and Humanities”.

– Conference “Myths and mythological Figures in Thrace”.

– Conference “Greek Literary Criticism”.

– Conference “Greek Literary Criticism in honuor of P. Moullas”.

– International Congress “Identities: Language and Literature”, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Department of Greek Philology.

– International Congress “International Conference and workshops on Language Learning Strategies: theoretical issues and applied perspectives”.

10th International Congress of Greek Linguistics”.

International Congress in computational Linguistics “Nooj 2010 Conference”.

– International Congress “Raising the Fragment to the Status of a Whole