Program Operation

The programme is implemented at the facilities of the TEFAA (in Komotini) of the Democritus University of Thrace and requires limited physical presence for the total training time while the rest of the educational process is completed through distance learning. The duration of the studies for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization (M.D.E.) is set at three (3) semesters.

More specifically, the requirements of the programme are:

First semesters of intensive courses:

One four-day period in November and February of each year (usually Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday) is devoted to face-to-face teaching with physical presence of all at the program site. The remaining lectures are conducted by distance learning (asynchronous and synchronous lectures) throughout the semester. The examinations for the winter semester are held in the second half of February (distance learning method).

Second semester of intensive courses :

One four-day period in March and May each year (usually Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday) is dedicated to face-to-face teaching with everyone physically present at the venue). The remaining lectures are conducted by distance learning (asynchronous and synchronous lectures) throughout the semester. The spring semester examinations will be held in the second half of June (distance learning method).

Third semester

The candidate chooses either the preparation of a Master's Thesis or the monitoring/completion of the Internship and the preparation of two independent studies (Independent Study I - Independent Study II).

These activities can be carried out either at the place where the programme is conducted (TEFAA in Komotini) or at a place of the candidate's choice; and they occupy the entire third semester, provided that the candidate has completed his/her obligations in 6 courses of the first 2 semesters (attendance and successful examination).

Distance learning cycle:

Courses using the distance education method (asynchronous and synchronous lectures) take place throughout the academic year. In more detail:

Asynchronous teaching

Under 'asynchronous teaching', candidates can attend, independently of each other, a specific lecture at a distance from a website (

Live distance teaching

With "live distance teaching" the lecturer and the students are connected via computer on predetermined days and times during the semester and deliver a specific lecture having mutual verbal communication and simultaneous visual contact on a website on a special electronic platform (


In addition, postgraduate candidates have the possibility to access from their home the Central Library of DUTH. It is possible to obtain modern (on-line) and asynchronous (off-line) electronic information either through the Internet or through the information banks of the University Libraries and the libraries of other Departments.

Course Programme

The total number of Credits (ECTS) required for the award of the MSc is 90 ECTS and requires the successful completion of all offered courses in the first two (A' and B') semesters as well as the successful evaluation of the Diploma Thesis or the completion of the Internship and the two (2) Independent Studies in the third (C') semester as distributed in the semesters of study per specialization.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is Greek. Some of the courses may also be taught in English. The thesis may be written either in Greek or in English.